September 2021 marks 7 years since I became an ambassador for Tropic and what a 7 years it has been. Its had its ups and its downs as every business does, and I really don’t think anything could have prepared me for the difference its made to my life.As I pondered this today I wanted to share it with you, because I am still here enjoying the products and the new relationships I’ve made along the way. This includes the new relationship I now have with myself. 

When I look back to 2014 I had a 6 month old baby, I was on crutches whenever I left the house, so I didn’t leave it very often, my anxiety levels were through the roof, because I was now responsible for a whole new life, and I’d not even become responsible for my own yet. I guess motherhood does that to a women!!

So along came Tropic the shining beacon of light that has opened doors in my life which I never deemed to be possible. I don’t just mean financially either. Tropic would be seen as a luxury product by many because we look at the price and think how much?? But I can’t even put a price on the fact that through starting to use some gorgeously created, naturally derived, honest do what they say on the tin products on my skin, I’ve not just gotten gorgeous skin, its given me and my whole family a life that many would be envious of. Because in using the skin care I started a self care routine of just 2-3 minutes a day and it made me feel good and better. So I needed to share this feeling and in doing so I grew a business beyond anything I ever imagined in the first 2 years, all the while believing that if I could start taking care of myself then maybe I could encourage others to do the same.

As Hayley grew bigger things started to change and my Tropic business took a back seat for a few years, but it never left even though at times I thought it would. It was like my silent partner just waiting for me to pick it up again and hang out. I’ve never stopped using the products and other than a few it remains to be the main product brand in our house, with everyone including mum and dad as we live together.

The Reasons I still and will always love Tropic

  1. The main reason I love Tropic is because there is no bull shit, Susie is honest with us as ambassadors even about mistakes that have happened, when things have gone wrong because that’s life. This means we can be honest and transparent with our customers as well and honesty is hard to find it feels.
  2. Tropic are always working to make sure that we ambassadors have everything we need to have a successful business, its up to us if we chose to take it and run or just walk along slowly with it. They are always putting us first and this shows by the substantial growth the company has seen in the last 8 years since it started. It also means that when a customer falls in love with the products they really do, and this helps with our repeat order businesses as well. Its a once you pop you can’t stop kinda feeling.
  3. It does what it says on the tin, and if it doesn’t and it can be changed or gotten ridden of it is. Susie has everything under one roof up at the Beauty Kitchen in Surrey so she has the ability to change anything that needs to be changed, in a shorter time scale making sure our customers have the best products possible.
  4. Ethos is key, and if you want ethos then look no further than Tropic. If you are looking for environmentally sustainable, carbon neutral, vegan, company that gives back to the environment through planting trees, or to people by putting children in poverty into schools, Tropic is where you need to be. You can read more about all of this here . Tropic is the beauty company of the future working towards ticking all the boxes that many of us hold dear, when it comes to using products and not destroying the world at the same time.
  5. Opportunities are everywhere! As a customer using Tropic products can literally change a huge part of how you feel about yourself, because our skin being the biggest organ and it has a huge impact on our mental and emotional health. Whether that’s in how it feels or looks. By reducing or getting rid of our problem skin the difference it can make is amazing. Then we have the endless opportunities as an ambassador. The main one being part of a company at the forefront of the beauty industry revolution, that is putting others first and is becoming successful because of that. I have also have the opportunity to have weekends away with my Tropic friends and they aren’t always in this country either. I have been fortunate enough to go to Marrakech and Finland courtesy of Tropic, as a thank you for helping to grow their business. Those trips were amazing and I will remember them forever. Finally there is also the opportunity to impact countless lives of others through our partnership with United World Schools, Winnie Mabaso Foundation and many other charities that are supported even ones planting trees to help with deforestation and of course climate change.

Tropic is a company that just keeps on giving, and I guess by and large this is why I am still here 7 years on writing this message to you. We all have our favourite products, companies and brands but can we trust they have the interests of others at heart? Is the heart of their product production to actually change the lives of other people, or to make sure they are taken care of first? I know there are many out there, and I can’t stand it when we just don’t know the truth of where or how products are made, and what’s in them. That includes the food industry but that’s a farmer post for another day!!

So what am I getting at here! You may look at the price of a Tropic product and compare it to one you already buy and say I am not paying that , but as I have said for years Tropic could be aiming at a much higher market than it does because of all the amazing ingredients that go in and the ethos behind it. However right back at the beginning I remember Susie saying she wants to get it in a price range where they are of course making money, but that could be affordable for everyone one way or another. When you take into account all I have just written plus all the information you can read here then you will see that there is so much value for money with Tropic.

So if your feeling strung out today, you have no idea where to start on your self care journey start here right now by investing in yourself with one of our gorgeous products, from skin care to body care we have everything covered. 

I would love to help you, so for more information from me either message me or email or if you going to jump right in shop now here

Leanne B xx