Hey, my name is Leanne Barriball, well it is now, for 24 years I was Leanne Kneebone until I married my best friend Andrew. I grew up with my Dad, Mum and Brother, and live on a beef and sheep farm on the Devon/Cornwall border, in the UK. Our farm actually joins onto the river Tamar, so on a Sunday when we go down to the river we can either be in Devon or cross over the river and be in Cornwall. 

My husband and I had Hayley in 2014, the beautiful force of nature in my life I never knew I needed! until she got here of course. We all live together, my Dad, Mum, Andrew and I (we have a side of the house each), we share a kitchen and eat together every day. Some would find this strange, but it seems to work well for us all. We are on hand all the time to help out when it’s busy at home, and it makes for a handy baby-sitter if Andrew isn’t home in time for me to go out.

 My childhood was a good one being brought up in the freedom of the farm, but looking back I feel sad that my mum and dad had to work so hard at farming to keep us afloat, and enable us to still be here farming today. I think this is the reality of many farming families and is why so many farming children don’t go into farming, because its a lot of hard work with very little monetary gain. This means many farms are losing their next generation and selling up.

Through my teens my relationship with my Dad and Mum wasn’t great, I rebelled a lot and was forever trying to run away from home wanting to “live in town” because it was so boring home here…. I find it funny now that I am actually still living here, and I love it and wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.

 I threw myself into working on a friend’s farm from the age of 12, every holiday, just so I didn’t have to be at home. These were good days and gave me a good work ethic, it was also then at the age of 13 I met Andrew! Who was then far too old for me being 8 years older. We developed a really good friendship and it wasn’t for another 10 years, before we actually thought maybe we should go out with each other, and then get married. Hence why I said I married my best friend.

Marriage to me is such a blessing, because we are so close, we can talk about anything. We work together so well as a team, especially when dealing with an even more feisty daughter (I wonder where she got it from lol). We also share a passion for regenerative farming and learning how to farm in new and exciting ways.

 In 2013 a series of events caused my life to flip it-self over and put me onto what I now know to be the path I was supposed to be on. There was a plan, a much bigger plan than I knew.

Through a combination of hitting rock bottom, physically, mentally and emotionally, I have been on a journey. It is this journey that I am sharing with you because I want other women to be able to realise that the power is within, to do whatever it is they are supposed to do on this earth. Their “Destiny” “purpose” “dream”. I know that every woman born has a calling on their heads. I want to share with you my life, to help you to unwrap the hard layers woven around your heart, the same that were around mine. To enable you to start to see that you are a truly amazing individual, every single part of you even the bad bits, are important and when used and understood in the right way, are a source of power that you never knew you had.

It is time to start shining on the inside.