Doing what is right is often not the easiest thing for us, often when we have had it tough at times in our lives, doing the right thing for us and our family isn’t the first thing that comes naturally either. Particularly if that thing is going to make you think like you are going to be judged or laughed at by other people. 

I find this in farming when you want to step out of the social norm and do something different. Like growing wild flowers, playing with soil and looking for dung beetles. What if the neighbour looks over the hedge one day and thinks, “what on earth is she doing now?” It is worse still when you hear it down the pub one night that you must have really lost it now with what your doing. On a side note I am dreaming of going to the pub one day and getting locked in, rather that locked down. I am unsure if it will ever happen again!  

We are all meant to be different, it seems though we have all been forced into a box that is so small its suffocating us all. It is making us feel safe, but it is not helping us to thrive in the world. We have the choice, we can either start embracing our true selves, or go on living the mediocre life that we find ourselves stuck in.  

So bust the box wide open and start becoming the true version of you, even if it means looking a bit silly sometimes.