You can be the absolute boss of your brain!

I am writing this on my 32nd birthday, 12th September 2020! This year has literally blown everyone out of the water because none of us were expecting what has happened to happen. For some it’s been one of the toughest years, leading to great trauma. For others it’s been a year of great learning and everything else in between. 

For me though, it feels like the last 3 years leading up to this one I was in preparation. Because I have learnt to slow down, that there is actually a way of “thinking” we are working really hard all the time, and never actually succeeding in anything. I was made to slow down and stop. Read ‘from the bottom up’ to find out more. By slowing down physically because I had to, I learnt that I could slow my mind down as well, because it isn’t actually supposed to run at a million thoughts a second. That in fact is a very exhausting situation to be in and it is the reason why so many of us are tired even when we are having enough sleep. 

I discovered that whilst everyone else is wearing a big medal around their necks, that says “I am so busy” it was a medal I wore as well and I think it was a way of keeping myself safe and preventing me from dreaming big and being more productive. I got rid of this medal and replaced it with. “I have more than enough time to do all I need to do today.” You can read more in ‘I am busy.’

It took practice, but what I discovered was I was thinking myself busy and, I see others doing it all the time now, so I was as unproductive as you can get. I wasn’t actually able to do anything remotely productive in the day because my subconscious thoughts were saying “ I am so busy”.

Since discovering this little nugget of info! I have done everything I can to slow my brain down and restore peace. The first time my brain had utter peace, it literally panicked because it wasn’t used to it and flooded my mind with so many random thoughts. It has gotten used to it now! 

I say restore because that is the truth. The human mind was not designed to be a place of chaos and disorder, which is why nearly everyone has a mental health issue of some sort today. It was designed to be in order and the result of this is inner peace, and immense joy in ALL situations, even in a pandemic such as Covid 19.

So truth be told I have had a few days where fear and chaos tried to slip into my mind about Covid 19. But because I have become so aware of every thought that is going through my mind all of the time, mainly because I have learnt about my emotions, I have been able to prevent any kind of overwhelm or fear around Covid 19 from happening in me, and therefore happening in Hayley, my daughter. Which is actually my ultimate aim in life. 

You might say well Leanne that is because you’re weird lol!, or you might say you can do that but I can’t. Whatever your brain is saying to you at this moment that could stop you from reaching a point of inner peace, and joy in your mind, you actually have control of. You can be the boss of your brain, rather than your brain being the boss of you. You can tell it to shut up, when it tries telling you, you can’t have what I have got which is mental peace and joy for a large portion of the time (I haven’t got it 100% but its way better than it was). You can be the absolute boss of your brain.  The best bit is then you can teach your kids to be the boss of their brains, or any children in fact that you have an influence over. 

Now I could get all geeky on you now and explain how. But if you already have a busy brain that is just going to add to it!! I ask that you trust me when I say whatever is going on in your mind which is linked to your emotions by the way, fear, anger, anxiety, you have the power to change and I want to show you how. 

If you are a bit geeky like me, you can google neuro plasticity and there you will find out exactly how to be the boss of your brain.