I imagine that if you are anything like me you have had or still have some kind of issue with your hormones. Loads of women seem to! It wasn’t until very recently through a site called floliving.com, that I realised my hormones are having more of a say in my life than I really want them to. 

I have woken up today feeling exhausted and today is the week it should be ovulation week. Which if you think about it should increase our energy, spark off a good mood and make us feel good. The main reason of course we have the potential to create new life, the precious gift we have as women. 

But in my body, I was shown back in 2015 that my hormones were off balance. The side effects I was having back then were insomnia, or when I was asleep I would have vivid dreams, scary ones. I was irritable and had really bad PMS. My anxiety levels would go through the roof leading up to my period, that nearly stopped me leaving the house in fear. My brain kept telling me I was going to die, which I now know it often did, because of negative unconscious thoughts I was having. So because my hormones were out of balance this was made worse. I was also having and still do have incredibly heavy periods, which I know are starting to get better every month. 

Since that time, I decided to never go back on the pill or any kind of contraceptive again. I had already been on it 10 years then. I have had so many conversations with other women since this time, who know and have said they believed it is their contraceptive that is causing disruption in their bodies.  

It is a very long story of how I believe my hormones originally become un-balanced but I believe it began with a quad bike accident which squished my pelvis without me knowing. It was around this time that my periods started to become painful, I would get head aches and I decided being on the pill might help. How wrong I was because it’s the effects of that I am now having to reverse. And because by beautiful body is as clever as it is, reverse it I will. 

When my hormones are out of whack, I know that I can’t and don’t perform to the best of my ability. I can’t think right, I feel tired, I get really stressed out, and I don’t sleep properly. If I was to record the evidence for a month, I would probably be distraught at the amount of time I am actually wasting, because my brain can’t get into gear. 

As a women I believe we need to start embracing our hormones. Rather than seeing them as a curse like so many do. They then pass these thoughts onto their daughters about their periods being a curse, or worse still something to be ashamed of. Then the next generation have an even bigger problem with their hormones being un balanced, because they are thinking that they are a bad thing. There is so much power in every thought we think, and 95% of the time, we don’t know what we are thinking, because they have been put there by other people. 

I believe that with everything there is power in our thinking. That we have the ability to change not just the thoughts we know we have, but the thoughts we don’t know we have as well. I also feel that if we women really started to embrace our hormone cycle, a whole lot more would get done in a day, week, month, because that is what they have been designed for. Check out floliving.com because you maybe really surprised at the info on there. 

As always I will be praying for you to be able to find the solution to your own personal situation. It is time for us girls to rise up into our true feminine power, with a lot of help from our heavenly father to make sure we finally get on the right track. 

Be blessed.