These 4 words are becoming the main form of our identity now a days. Every conversation I have with a new person often sounds like this. “Hi, how are you?” “I am really busy” 

One Christmas, I went into a shop and the guy behind the till said to me I bet you are really busy, aren’t you? After a short pause I said, “no I am not really” and his face said it all, because I reckon all the others that came in that day said “I am so busy” 

What I learnt about these 4 words are, that because we say them so often out loud, they also become the words of our internal voice, our mind is saying it all of the time as well. More and more I see people who say “I am so busy” get more and more stressed out and anxious, because of the enormity of all the tasks they have on the never-ending list!!! 

My list was the same as well, and I felt I was always under so much pressure (I put myself under). There is also the fact that it seems to be a social norm to say I am busy all the time, when actually you aren’t. You are actually being completely inefficient because you mind is busy, and you aren’t. 

Then comes the dangerous part, so your mind is so busy saying you are busy, you wake up and think “I have such a busy day” you say to everyone you see “I have a busy day” you then go to bed thinking “I feel like I’ve been really busy today but, I don’t feel I succeeded in anything”. And then you lie there with a busy head until you hopefully fall asleep. If you don’t fall asleep until its late because you have been thinking. Well that just makes it even harder the next day to cope because you are tired and you mind is busy. 

So here you are you have a list as long as your arm that never gets shorter. You have a mind that’s going over time all the time, and you have a body that gets no real peace. And then you start looking for distractions, or distractions are there so you can’t help but follow them. E.g. playing games on your phone, watching hours of Netflix’s, or tv to try and switch your mind off to name a few. Or you start flitting around like a moth, you start one thing, don’t finish it do another thing, then you do something else, and you never actually finish the whole of anything. 

This was me completely, and all I had to do was stop saying “ I am so busy” or “ I am too busy” all of the time. That’s it, if someone asks me how I am I never say those words. It took my mind a long time to come to terms with it as well, whenever I thought I am so busy, or I don’t have enough time I would say out loud, I have more than enough time to do all I wanted to. It takes 21 days to make a new habit and 63 days to make sure it’s a norm. 

Being busy should never be your identity, you are much more than that

Be blessed