Peace we all could do with a minutes couldn’t we? I know I always used to lock myself in the bathroom and pretend I was “busy” for far longer than I needed to be. Usually scrolling my phone or reading a book that was really good.  

In fact, it is surprising what I would do for a moments peace. Finding myself parked in laybys whilst Hayley was at school just so I could learn to enjoy the silence. In actual fact believing as I do that everything happens for a reason, I would easily say those times in the layby were preparations for a pandemic situation heading our way unknowingly to me at the time.  

The biggest issue I had, was I didn’t really enjoy sitting with myself, it would seem I actually didn’t like myself at all and this was the main reason I had spent so much of my life filling it up with other people, so I didn’t have to hang out with me. 

So the truth essentially is, if you don’t like sitting with yourself and your own thoughts you will never get a minutes peace. In fact, my brain was so used to having a collaboration of a choir and about 20 other voices going on in there at one time, the moment when I had cracked the code and found peace in my brain within moments, I mean seconds it, being my brain, it threw in a song and a whole heap of memories that I didn’t need at that given moment. So that was that, I couldn’t get a minutes peace. Or was it? Because once I had achieved my goal of a few seconds peace in my head I wanted more! I wanted my whole minute of peace.  

I still practice this even now, there is probably a unique way for all of us to discover how to get out brain to shut up. I actually quite like spending time with myself now and at home nether the less, because I could never hang out at home before and feel peaceful. There is always a job that needs doing right? Well, I learnt how to stop those thoughts as well! I feel like I have super powers, because there was a whole lot of me I didn’t like, my thighs, my wobbly bits. I even enjoy actually looking at my face in the mirror now. I never realised it was a thing that you can look in a mirror to see if your hair is ok but you don’t actually have to look at your face. Like you have taught your eyes to switch off, a bit like your partners ears when you ask him for a cup of tea sometimes!  

Our brains are designed to be switched on and off like a light bulb. The lights are either on, off or forever dim. To have peace in a crazy world takes time and practice but it sure helps you to become productive in the day.