In September 2014 after a tough pregnancy with my little girl Hayley Read ‘From the Bottom Up’ where I had developed a severe case of SPD (Symphis Pubis Dysfunction), I joined Tropic via a Facebook post, which humbly asked. “Would you like to earn some money for Christmas?” I thought yes I do, because I was fed up sitting around moping about the fact I couldn’t “do” anything. By do I was meaning earn money, because at this point in my life my value as a person was deeply imbedded in how many hours I worked, in correlation to how much money I earnt.

I was earning no money and unable to do anything, other than of course sit and look after and snuggle my gorgeous girl. Which I later went on to learn, was exactly what I should have been doing, rather than worrying myself crazy about being a rubbish, mum because I couldn’t walk/work etc…. Actually, I was being a great mum, because for those first few precious months when I couldn’t really walk, I spent all that time with my girl. (It took a life coach to point this out to me)

So Tropic became my focus, I say now to people I put every negative situation that I was going through at that time, the anxiety, depression, the pain I was in stopping me sleeping properly into my business. People supported me and it really took off, I even started using the skin care every day and treating it as some “ME” time.

Some self-care started to happen which hadn’t happened before. My confidence started to increase again, I just loved being part of the team going for the incentives. I went to Marrakech and Finland, all expenses paid because I had hit the targets and it was exactly what I needed to get me out of what felt like a very deep poop pit. Tropic was definitely a miracle in disguise.

The whole ethics around Tropic are amazing, you can read more here I started falling in love with the brand and it would seem myself. It is taking me some time to learn about what being part of a team is because I have been a “I can do it myself” girl, since I was about 8. However, everyone in my team are incredible and they are a large part of the reason I have been with Tropic since 2014.

I have learnt through my time with Tropic mainly, that life is a real journey and where there will be times of sorrow and grief, there will be amazing times of blessings, happiness and joy. It is these that I now focus on, not the other stuff going on around me, because that will always be there. And how did I get to this place I here you ask? Of living in the blessings rather than the curses….

I learnt I needed self- care every single day, by taking time out for me it leaves me with a peace in my heart and mind, and also the ability to see things clearer and not focus on the negatives.  5 minutes a day making sure I cleansed and moisturised my face properly did that to me. Now I realise it is because I deserve it.

“True beauty comes from within, you just have to give yourself the time to find it”