Did you know that the human brain was wired for love? Yet we live in a world full of fear. It also doesn’t help that are brains are negatively biased from our primaeval days of running from tigers,  and are constantly trying to scare us from doing new things. And to top it all off, we aren’t taught about our thoughts or thinking in school at all!  

The more I am learning about my mind and my thoughts, the more I am like we so need to know about this stuff. In this last year I have been learning about rewiring my thoughts, and being able to hear the negative thought patterns that go through my brain every single day.  

The ones that tell me I am not good enough, or I am a bad mum, or that say I am so ugly fat blah blah blah….. The thing Is as well, the more I am listening, the more I am hearing myself talk and it was really bad when I started! You might think that doesn’t sound great, but it has been the most eye opening thing I have ever done, and it is helping me to become super productive in everything in my life. Motherhood, farming, being a wife being myself and knowing I am important to the world. It is like all the things I have ever dreamed of wanting to be like are, happening and it is all because I am choosing to change my thought patterns. 

We have 2 parts of our brain the conscious and the subconcious it is the subconscious that all of our automated thoughts hang out and 90% of our daily thinking comes from here! And you don’t even know what it is doing. I used to think I had to work harder, sleep less and eat more sugar to make amazing things happen in my life. It turns out though, even if I did these things I still wouldn’t get where I want to be. The thoughts would stop me!  

Ultimately it was the beliefs of working harder, sleeping less and eating more sugar that led to my physical body giving up at 25! Because your thoughts control what happen in your body. This is what stress is, stressed is caused by a thought or thoughts that worry us. These thoughts create a physical response which effects our bodies in different ways. It can be things you deem as normal like colds, head aches, aching muscles to breathlessness, leading into much more sever things such as cancers, heart attacks etc… I just broke my body below my belly button.  

This is how powerful our thought life is, the key is to learn to start listening to those internal voices which aren’t always encouraging you, or you may think they are and they aren’t.