Over the last 12 months I have done some really scary things. In fact more probably than I have done in years. I don’t mean things like going to Tesco in the middle of the first lock down either. None of that stuff has really scared me thankfully. But taking Hayley out of school to do home learning is up there in ways to scare the crap out of yourself. Or investing lots of money into courses which you know have the ability to completely change your life, yet the cost is aaaaaahhhhhhh. Let’s face it though I have had the time to sit and do them this year.  

Another scary thing I am doing is setting up a programme Regenerating the Farmer. This scares me every day because I have no real clue what I am doing. I do know and deeply feel though I have got to do it, because I will regret it if I don’t. And let’s face it, why wouldn’t I want to set this up? It has completely changed my life to a level I never thought possible and I know it can do it for you as well.  

Whilst doing one of the courses this year called The Epic Success programme, which is led by Dr Shannon Irvine a neuroscientist. I have discovered that our brains are one powerful machine that if we learn the basic’s we have the potential to change everything. One thing that makes sense to me is that our brains will do anything to keep us safe. For example we will procrastinate when we know we are meant to do something that will change our lives for the better. Oh how many hours I have wasted procrastinating or worse being a perfectionist.  

Our brains are negatively biased did you know? And it is the subconscious part of our brain that has the biggest say, and we have no idea what it is saying most of the time, unless like me you sit listen and write things out.  Our subconscious brain is filled with negative thought patterns and faulty beliefs which all of us have. The biggest chunk of thoughts I have had is always about myself. This has come from a lifetime of trying to figure everything on my own, and because they don’t give you a life coach in school. Which I am quickly discovering is the best skill to have for doing home learning with Hayley. At 6 she already thinks some shocking things about herself. The words I hated myself and wanted to die, are never what you want to hear from your child. On another note which is for a different day, these words actually came from what I was saying about myself whilst I was pregnant with her! That’s how powerful what we say is.  

It is these thoughts though that I am happy to allow to come out of her, because I have learnt how to deal with them. The main one being not being filled with fear when these things happen. I also know what happens to me when I sit down and write out a thought, I may be wrestling with in my own mind. I will read it back to myself and think Leanne, that is actually a really silly thing to think why do you think it? This is what I do for Hayley I repeat it back and she will go, I don’t know why I think this very dramatically of course she is my daughter.  

Regenerating the Farmer is going to be a process where you need bravery, because the chances are you are in the group to make changes not for you but for your family. Which is just what I wanted for Hayley, I have made the changes for her and realised in the process I was actually doing it for myself. I have learnt that if mummy is at the top of her own pile of priorities, then mummy can actually kick ass in life. Anything in life that is worth doing will always bring up challenges, and that is when if you have a group of like-minded women all wanting the same it helps us with our journeys.  

I want to help you discover just how powerful you are as a women in farming at brain level! Because this is where everything changes, you can even train your brain to lose weight so you don’t have to waste time thinking about dieting, or even change your thinking so your body is no longer in pain anymore. The chances are the only reason you have a body in pain or you become sick is because of what your brain is thinking! Pretty cool right?  

“If mummy is at the top of her own pile of priorities, then mummy can actually kick ass in life”