Are you in a place in your life at the moment where you wish you could do more? Or maybe you used to believe you could do more, but its long gone since other commitments come along, which have taken over your hopes and dreams.  

I had stopped dreaming at some point in my life, never capable of believing enough in myself to do something that was out of the normal, or rather the way it had always been done. I have been in the comfort zone for so long, I didn’t want to get out. I remember when I was younger, I ate a money spider because I believed it would make me rich. This is a desire for me again now, not because I love money but because money gives us far more options than not having it.   

I desire one day to set up a not for profit here on the farm to help women and children with mental health struggles. I feel this is an area that will be under pressure in a minute after this covid stuff. Without money, I am unable to set that up to help those who really need it! I of course also want the farm to be financially viable. The majority of us being asset rich and money poor. I don’t want to have to rely on government payments anymore, I feel they have made us all become stagnated when it comes to business and making money. They literally have all the control and its time that changed.  

It is of course also lovely to be able to provide our families with fun things like holidays and things like that. With money we can actually employ staff to help out and the farm can become a much more positive and energy rich environment. Rather than running on empty all of the time, just one or 2 farmers running themselves ragged.  

I have a deep belief that we are capable of dreaming and reaching those dreams, no matter how incredible they may sound to others when you mention it. Miracles really can happen if we start to believe they can.  

Farmers are the foundation of the UK economy we just aren’t seen that way anymore it feels. So it is time we took things into our own hands, as individual women in farming helping to guide and steer our families in the right direction.  

The key to being able to do this is a simple one to say, but a difficult one to live in because we have never learnt to do it this way. That is if we take care of ourselves first our physical and mental health. We learn about our emotions and why we have them and learn to rest at brain level, which means quieting our thoughts, so even though outwardly we are busy inwardly we have peace. We can become super productive, as mums, wives and farmers.  

It is hard to believe I know, when I started my health journey I never would have come up with the fact I just needed to declutter my mind and my soul but it is happening that way. This is why I have set up Regenerating the Farmer to share these things with you.