Imagine if you could get up every morning and know exactly what it is you need to do in that day in order to be the most successful person ever. I don’t mean the everyday things either, like feed the kids do the washing etc… all necessary but won’t earn you much money at the end of the day. What if every single day you did 3 things that was going to help you feel less busy in your mind and actually then become less busy in your day. Leaving lots of room for the all important rest that our bodies need when we are awake not just asleep. 

This is in fact something you can make a reality. I know and believe the answer to everything we need is in the power of our brains. Science is proving how we can rewire our thought patterns to get our brain doing 95% of the work we then just have to do the actions. Meaning all of a sudden we are rocking at life. This is exactly what I am doing and have been doing for the last 3 years. Because I believe it is the key to what my whole family needs, to be healthier and wealthier. Me working my backside off never did me any favours other than exhaust my body at 25. I imagine it’s the same for you as well, juggling as many plates as you can muster and hoping one doesn’t donk you on the head.  

What I just said about utilising the power of your brain can become a reality. I know and believe the answer to everything I need is in the power of my brain. That I can rewire to become the person I was created to be. We were wired for love not fear, yet our brains will quite happily hang out in the fear camp if we let them.  

I decided to put my time in to taking my negative thought patterns captive and rewriting those suckers, because that’s what they are life suckers. They prevent us from becoming our truest self. It is even these thought patterns that make us gain or not be able to loose weight. Which is one of the main reasons I have put time into this area of my life, after battling with my weight for 20+ years it has got a bit annoying. I discovered I was thinking “I am fat” guess that if you think it you become and stay it. I know and believe one day soon I will be my optimum weight not because I have changed my diet, not because I do hard core exercises everyday but because I discovered the power of my thoughts.  

“The Power of Your Thoughts is Magical”