I think its safe to say that no one is in control of what is happening around us at the moment. In fact I would be as bold to say this whole situation maybe shining a spot light on a lot of things that were wrong with our country as a whole. 

I am seeing more and more on social media the snippets of how others are feeling about this situation and they are scared. Scared for their lives, scared for their childrens lives and scared for their future. This might be you as well.  

My heart hurts for people because I am blessed to have very little fear, in fact I’ve discovered a whole part of myself I never knew existed all because life’s distractions have been stripped away. This Covid situation maybe with us for a time yet, especially the aftermath so are you prepared to waste anymore of your precious time? Worrying about the children not being in school, the fact we cant go anywhere at the moment, missing our friends and families. Are we going to let precious time slip by us thinking that we are wasting life? 

Or are we going to decided that we are going to change things. That we could potentially discover a whole different version of ourselves, one that has been covered up for years purely because we haven’t got the distractions of other people in our lives at the moment.  

Some of the greatest gifts I hold in my heart are the gift of peace and time. The gift of peace on the inside, helps us weather the storms on the outside. I can’t change the situation we are in but I can change my attitude towards it. I can work out what it is I was truly made to be and do, whilst I have my time here on earth because others depend on it. The same as they depend on you, heck I might depend on you even to discover who you really are, and what you’re here for because as a human race we need each other.  

So it’s time to get thinking, how can you start right now creating a different atmosphere on the inside of yourself, in order to create a different atmosphere on the outside of yourself? 

This was once something I had no idea about but now I have discovered it I know it’s the key to a true joy filled life, and who doesn’t want that?