I believe that each and every one born on Earth has a plan and a purpose for their lives already mapped out for them.   

The problem we face, particularly when we are children, is if our parents don’t believe there is a special plan and a purpose for their lives, they won’t be able to support us with our purpose and plan. Now we find ourselves in a place where millions if not billions of people in the world are misguided, misdirected and have mistaken identities because a person or people in their lives wasn’t believing for more.  

I was at a Christian conference once called Cherish which is held in Leeds. I sat behind a lady called Michelle, we got chatting as you do and I was telling her about how amazing Hayley was, my then 4 year old daughter. How I believed God was really blessing her, and she had the power to do anything, because I believed and still believe she can. 

Michelle however said something profound, she said “her mummy has to get to that place of being powerful and blessed beyond measure first” otherwise how could Hayley know how to discover her purpose and plan. It was something that sticks with me to this day and is the driving force behind my whole life, as a wife, mother, and business woman.  

I need to model the type of person who knows she is important to the world for Hayley. Which is why I guess in this 2020 year of Covid I put on my brave pants, which I have to do a lot, and took Hayley out of school. Why? Because I know that her way of learning is not something she can get from school at the moment. We were considering taking her out in the summer of 2019, but I had not quite got my brave pants on enough then. I just felt though if I continued to send her, because she was already showing signs of anxiety and mental health challenges, that we would end up with a bigger problem down the line.  

Thankfully in June this year I discovered a woman called Julia Black- the lights on mum. She literally blew my mind with all she has discovered about the school system, or she calls it old school thinking. This is the school system I went through, and if you were educated in the UK, you probably did as well. She showed me how the model of school has been the same for generations. Go to school, sit to be taught, fall asleep if you were anything like me, do the work for 10-12 years. Leave school and actually discover you hadn’t retained half, if quarter the amount of information you have been taught. Can you think of anything right at this moment that you were taught in school and you use every day? Julia has shown me this is because for the majority of us, myself included is our learning lights had gone off. Our brain basically switches off, mainly because we all have specific things we need to learn to be able to be successful as individuals.  

I am at a stage in my life at the moment where I am quite annoyed that I hadn’t been taught things I actually need now in school. Such as how to manage my finances, start a business, set up an online course, plus many other things. Most of all though I am sad that somewhere between 5-18 years old, I personally think around 8/9, my learning lights went off and sucked my passion, and my purpose in life with it. This meant I went for a long time thinking and believing that I wasn’t important to the world at all, and worse still that I had no power or capabilities within me to do anything about it. So I just worked, doing things that earnt me money, but didn’t necessarily light me up. 

With https://www.explorium.co.uk/Lights On Learning, it has shown me that my education has prevented me from doing quite a lot of things in my life:- 

1. I wasn’t able to take responsibility for my learning, and my actions come to that.  

2. I literally have no idea what my real passions are, to be able to do things to make my dreams come true.  

3. I never learnt that I didn’t have to rush my life through to live in the present rather than the future. I think this came from everything in education always equating to exams at the end of it all! So my mindset has been set to, I have to get to the end, meaning I have literally let life fly on by, because somewhere deep inside of my brain its automated to making me think that way. 

We have had 6 months of no school and so many children took no responsibility at all for their own learning. They weren’t choosing to carry on their Maths and English because to them they didn’t want to learn those things. Some kids may have, don’t get me wrong because every child is different. Some kids will have been happy to spend more time with their parents doing fun activities, or others will have chosen watching tv or the tablet over everything. This would have left parents feeling dejected and like they were the worst parents in the world, because they couldn’t get their kids to engage ( I hear you with this one because that was Hayley and I, she was choosing tech over everything and it got me wild with frustration and anger). We of course do need to take responsibility for our children, especially their education but even then, many of us myself included once upon a time, make it the teachers’ responsibility to make sure our kids they have all they need to be rounded adult individuals. I know for a fact there will be many women reading this that believe they would never have the capabilities to give their children what they truly need for life. Which to me now is incredibly sad, because it means that you really don’t understand the power you hold as a woman in your family. I didn’t either, but I do now! 

Ultimately the school system that has been the same for a long time, is flawed hugely for what our children need now in 2020. The jobs our kids will be doing haven’t even been created yet, and we need a school system to match that ethos, not one to only fit certain children. But one that respects neurodiversity and being wired differently, according to what is going to be a life’s purpose. I don’t blame teachers because they have a tough job, and I respect the job they do. I don’t think I even blame the government anymore although I know they have ridiculous expectations, when it comes to what every child should be doing when. I think that Covid has opened our eyes up to many things, and that for many of us is that there must be more to life than this? There must be another way for us and our kids to enjoy every single second of our lives, because life is so precious.  

One of the biggest things that has started happening since I have been home schooling Hayley is that I have started to discover creative outlets and ways of expelling frustration. This has been through dancing, singing, colouring all sorts of things. I used to love doing these as a child but somewhere along the line my brain decided to say “that those things are for when you are a kid, not an adult. You can only get anywhere in life if you are academic not creative.” Who says we have to stop singing into our hairbrushes, or making a collage out of magazine clippings even when we become adults. The truth is I am getting further in my life at the moment, singing and dancing out tough things I am coming across everyday than I ever was trying to think them through.  

I am still not really clear on what I am passionate about, however I do know I have a purpose and that purpose is largely woven into why I write these posts to you. And why every single day I am working on content, or ways I can deliver all of the information that I have learnt and am learning through my journey. I have no real idea what I am doing because I haven’t learnt it yet but I am believing that the story has already been written and every day I have to show up and put one foot in front of the other, on the path that’s already been written.  

I know that you have passions and purposes as well, I also know that you have the ability to learn anything if you choose to. It was the purpose of school to make us be able to earn a living not always in a way we were passionate about though. Some of us have been made to think that it we aren’t academic then we must be stupid, I thought I was stupid for over 20 years.  I believed I would never amount to anything more than the reality I was living in 7 years ago. 

Well my friend I am here to say, you and I were both wrong, because I know that there is a purpose for my life as there is for your life and although it has taken me a little while to get back on the right path, I have got here. I believe that you can get there too, and you need to for your family’s sake if not your own.  

You are a very important piece of the puzzle to the world and the sooner you recognise that the better. Then you can start living your ultimate epic life which will give you, your family and your friends a better quality of life in your health, in your relationships, and your finances. 

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