There are some days we can wake up and not want to get going. I had a morning like this today. The main source of me not wanting to get going for me is normally an ache or a pain in my body, or the feeling that I just haven’t slept enough. Sometimes I just go back to bed that’s the beauty of home schooling and having a dad that is still the farmer! 

But this morning I woke up and this little voice in my heart said “you need to turn up for someone today”. Whether I need to turn up for Hayley, Andrew, my parents or maybe it’s you reading this message. The fact is for all of us it is often the drive to help others that can get us going. If the voice said “you need to turn up for yourself today” I probably would have gone back to bed, which in its self is sad and something I am working to change every day. I am slowly truly believing that I have the keys to help others, I have to show up, just as I am (sat here in my pyjamas) to help make my little part of the world a better place.  

We all have the ability to do this, in this Covid year we cant all be Dr’s and nurses,or people in government trying to do the right thing (thank God) but we can encourage others, be a listening ear, or someone who surprises a friend one day in some way because they are having a tough time. We can still do all these things it just looks different, to meeting up for a coffee and having a chat.  

If we all just help our own circle of influence and go all in just for them our world would become a different place. 

You are important, the World needs you to show up.  

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