I don’t know about you, but I am one of these people who loves to give people things. I used to think the only useful think I could give people was money or presents, often popping free Tropic gifts into customers orders. For the last few years though I realised the best gift I can give anyone is my time.  

We live in such a busy world, everyone seems to be walking quickly everywhere, or driving like a maniac. I used to be the person who would see someone in the street and say hi, but never had time to stop and chat. And then I discovered something… 

Do you know someone or maybe it’s you who’s answer to everything is “I am really busy” “ I am busy at the moment” etc… whenever I had a conversation with anyone I knew these words were coming out every time. It was like I used them as a medal around my neck or made it a part of my identity. Leanne the busy person, which is what I didn’t want. It is like in order to make sure no one else is going to judge you for being lazy, you have to say it. If you tell them actually you have loads of time they will think you weird.  

So here is what I discovered!  

The more I was telling people how busy I was the busier I became in my head, the less productive I actually was in daily life. I never felt I had enough time, and I never felt like I had succeeded in anything in my day. So I changed that, I stopped telling everyone I was busy, and started to tell myself “I have more than enough time to do all I need today”. One Christmas I will never forget this guy who said to me, “I bet your really busy aren’t you?” I replied “no not really” his face said it all.  

The more we speak something the more we believe it and it becomes our story. So now if I am out and about and someone wants to talk especially in these times, I let them. It would be the same if you decide to drop me a message today, I would make the time to reply and even offer a zoom chat, because I know how important it is to be listened to when you need it.  

I know what it is to have someone give me their time, in fact it’s my love language, that is why I am offering it to you today.  

I look forward to hearing from you!  

PS I write about this subject a lot here is the copy on my website https://leannebarriball.com/i-am-so-busy