I believe we were born wired with everything we already need to do the plan that is laid out for our lives. We only have to look at babies who are learning to walk to see just how amazing our brain and body is at learning new skills, and not giving up until they have learnt it.  

Not very long ago I mean a few months I like so many, always thought that in order to learn things I needed other people to tell me what was right for my life. You only have to look at the school situation that most of us been through to see this is where this belief comes from. From the age of 4 we are sat in front of a teacher being told what to learn. However now I am home learning with Hayley full time, I can really see how she has all the capabilities to be a self-led learner, and I just have to help coach her. She sees me reading and writing as her model. She will when she feels ready really embrace these skill and be able to do them herself without me forcing her to read a book every day.  

What she is doing though or has been doing over the last 6 months is nothing short of a miracle! The things she is making, questions she is asking and knowledge she has already learnt that is stuck inside her brain raring to come out. I am helping her quieten her busy mind, (I know exactly where she got that from, and I take full responsibility) so that she is able to have a brain that is so productive she never wastes a second of the day. She knows what she needs to do daily in order to be successful in life, I know and believe that for her and am willing to hold the space for her to achieve everything she is capable of.  

We all have a built-in intrinsic voice that is there to help guide is, if we are able to quieten all the other voices to hear it. The voices of our parents from years ago, our teachers, people we have worked for, maybe even things we just tell ourselves over and over again.  

If you are a home schooling mum at the moment but have not chosen to be then check out this website https://www.explorium.co.uk, if you scroll down the page you can see what learning mindset your child has. Hayley has already stepped up one in 6 months from a focused consumer to an idealistic dreamer. I have been part of Lights On learning since June 2020 and it has made me look at learning differently!  

It is this community that helped me finally see I had all I needed within me to embark on a home schooling adventure, because at this moment in time that is what is best for Hayley and it should have been done in 2019! I was however to scared, I surprise myself how far I have come. I was seeing her slip away before my eyes but now I am excited to see what she comes up with every day!  

You don’t have to take your children out of school to discover who they are and what they are capable of, you just have to be willing to look at life through a different lens and change the way you think.