Everyday we have the chance to look at everything with different eyes. I remember nearly as soon as Hayley was born, I decided in my heart that things had to change. You can read more about my journey here-  https://leannebarriball.com/starting-from-the-bottom-up At the time I never realised how much I was going to need to change, but looking back I am a completely different person. One of the biggest changes is I actually love just being me, and I wouldn’t want to be anyone else like I used to wish I was. It is like I discovered the true me, not the me that had been battered and bruised by life. 

I haven’t made the changes on my own though in fact I worked out I have worked with over 20+ professional people in the last 7 years to sort my body out physios, cranial therapists, masseuses. To sort my thoughts and emotions I have worked with different life coaches, in 2020 I met incredible entrepreneurial women who harness the power of the brain to become really successful in business. Susie Ma the founder of Tropic inspires me all of the time and then there are the beautiful women who have sown into my life spiritually through prayer.  

I guess you could say I started to change one thing and I got addicted to changing everything. I still am, this is why I have set up Regenerating the Farmer which is to coach women in farming to help you change those areas that you maybe struggling with. In one instance I think I did things the wrong way around because I went for the body first. However, it is the last piece of my puzzle with the power in our thought life that I really know changes everything. For example, I discovered that I carry the burdens and problems of other people in my body, as well as my own! This is because I never learnt how to have healthy boundaries, and my body suffered from it. Coupled with the fact I hated myself and I believed that my worth came from how many hours I worked in a week, my body broke.  

I used to believe I never had the time to spend on myself, always too busy running around for everyone else. For me the choice was taken out of my hands when I couldn’t walk long distances un-aided for nearly 2 years. It doesn’t have to be that way for you, it makes me feel so sad that the majority of us have to have something terrible happen in our lives before we do anything. I don’t want that for you, or your families. Our children deserve the best of us, not the scrag ends we give them because we are just so exhausted and have no idea how to change it.  

This is day 2 in this group and I guess what I am saying is. All of the expertise, knowledge and wisdom I have gained from these amazing people in my life I want to share with you, because if I can do it so can you!  

So start believing today that ever area of your farming life is struggling, maybe your health, relationships, attitudes or business you have the power within you to change it all and become a serious women on a mission. 

“if I can do it so can you”