Do you ever get that feeling you just want to give up in life. It can be different for all of us. For me I have this deep desire that I want to help others find the true joy in their lives, just like I have because we all need joy. That’s what makes me keep going, else I would have given up by now. Its not easy paving a new path no one has ever been along! 

This week for the first time ever I have been able to identity a passion I have to make people laugh. It has taken me years to discover that this is my passion. The main things I remember as a child was entertaining people on stage or just in our home. This used to really excite me and I guess why I love doing Facebook lives. I remember laughing so hard with my mum sometimes it hurt, and I nearly wet myself. I know that me discovering this passion is no coincidence this week because when you have passion it gives you more fuel to pursue your purpose. Everyone has a purpose we were just never taught to find it at school. 

In fact it is out of school I am now able to help Hayley find the things that turn her lights on. Once we know what lights us up it makes everything else much easier to deal with. It is like an anchor deep within us. However, I believe many of us including myself once upon a time, don’t even realise there is something much bigger going on that we have no idea about. Like a big plan for our lives that started the day we were conceived.  

Over the last 7 years this plan has been being revealed to me and quite frankly its exciting, and everyone should know what they are here for. Just watching Hayley come into her true self is the most magical thing I’ve ever experienced. I am coaching myself to get there as well, because why should she have all the fun? I believe if we were all to come to this place of discovering ourselves our world as we know it would be completely different.