Have you ever made a plan, got really excited about it then bam no more plans? oh yeah probably all of you reading this because of Covid. I for one would have been devasted to have to cancel my wedding, my heart feels heavy for all those who have had to!  

What happened instead though? Because something else is bound to have happened, and I bet in the moment you chose to make the best of a rubbish situation because you had no other choice.  

One thing none of us really know is how much time we will have in life to do all we want to do. Many of us putting things off because we make up excuses to not do things, then before we know it, it is to late! I was a person who needed a devastating situation to sort my life out! At one point not long ago, I was facing the chance of never walking again without needing crutches. It was a scary thought when all I knew was how to work hard with my physical body. How the heck was I going to survive if I couldn’t do what I had programmed myself to do.  

But survive I had to because I had a new little member in my family who needed me to step up for her. I needed to change everything, and she has been the driving force in me for that. Until that is on the 12th January 2021, when I discovered that there really is a reason for me being here. For writing blog posts, doing live videos and generally making a life out of doing crazy things that scare the crap out of me, but I do anyway because I love the buzz. This week for the first time in a very long time, I felt happy in my own skin and I’ve not lost the 6 stone of weight I need to, to feel it either.  

When we planned to have a baby 8 years ago, I NEVER realise that baby would be the catalyst to overhaul all of my life. I had no direction, I had no purpose, no passion to live and survive with the tough things that are always going to happen. When life throws a curve ball and I actually have to be quick enough to dodge that thing because I’ve not been through all I have been through for someone or something else to try and take my joy!  

2020 has been a year of changing our plans but what if its leading to something really exciting that we are all part of? What if it is not the end of the world as many maybe believing, what if it’s the start of a brand new world as we know it? What if 2020 has given use the time to shift to be better prepared for what is going to happen. You could say like a reset! It is such a shame that because the human brain is fitted with a negativity bias, it is this very thing that we need to happen before we make any kind of changes to the way we look at things!  

In other words the shit has to hit the fan, before we even think oh actually maybe the way I look at life isn’t how I should be looking at it! Maybe there is a plan that’s bigger than little old me going on and I cant see it yet!  

My life is built on miracles, I have no real idea how I got here but I am glad I took the journey, even if it has been painful physically emotionally and mentally. 

Are you ready for a new journey?