Time and time again on this journey I have asked myself why don’t I just give up? Why don’t I just stop seeking a life that is different from what the world around me has to offer? The answer is why should I? Why should any of us giving up trying to create a better life for ourselves and our families, no matter what that looks like?

Since my daughter Hayley was born in 2014 I have sought to have a life that is peaceful, joyful and stressless, and it’s not been easy especially since I am a farmer which is lacking in all these areas most of the time, but I am absolutely getting there and can see that anything is possible if I put my mind to it and choose to make some changes.

It turned out that I had some serious issues with my belief systems, the thoughts and emotions that I repeated to myself daily were not doing me any good at all. They were exhausting me, confusing me, over whelming me and making me so angry, that I was taking it out on the very people I loved the most. The worst of it was it was stealing my precious time of which I now choose to do meaningful things I enjoy with, not just keep doing things that get me on the slow road to no where, feeling unfulfilled and blah…

In 2019 I discovered Neuroscience particularly Neuroplasticity and the realisation that I could rewire my thought processes, every single one. This led me one day to sitting for 20 minutes and writing out the thoughts I had in that time on a piece of paper. I burnt that thing before anyone could read it what a mess! Little did I know back then that this would become the very way that I am able to see, process and get rid of every thought that does not serve me on my life mission, to have peace, joy and no stress.

So I started listening to myself, asking myself what am I thinking and why? Then in 2020 I found the lady who was really going to help me get the results I wanted, Dr Shannon Irvine. She showed me that in order to create the life I wanted that I had designed, it wasn’t just happening through what I had learnt from past experience. I needed to show my brain exactly what I wanted, the vision I had for our life as a family. This is brain priming, it is a simple as writing out your vision, putting it into present tense as though it had already happened, recording it on a voice recorder and listening to it everyday for at least 67days (the time it takes to create a new thought pathway).

Since then, I have managed to rewire my brain to do all sorts of things, but what I want to focus on is time management, because there is an abundance of everything in this world except time. We only have an allotted time to be here on Earth, and I sure as heck do not want to waste anymore. I want to spend lots of time with my family, with my friends and even just people I see in Tesco who want a chat. I want to make sure we have lots of rest, that I am not getting overly stressed, and that I never feel overwhelmed and I can handle all situations as they come. Like the super mother I have always wanted to be.

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